Aim for environment

Approved ISO14001ISO14001

Basic idea

We will work on environmental maintenance activities throughout our jobs and have activities that will provide for a cheerful future by preserving the beautiful nature of the Kofu basin.

Our company is located in the north east part of the Kofu basin in Yamanashi Prefecture.This area is famous for fruits like grapes and peaches. It is also rich in nature and blessed with many seasonable flowering plants. All our employees want to harmonize with nature while still developing for the future. To preserve this nature “we” Enzan Factory Co.,Ltd. will strive to protect the environment.

Basic policy

1.Establishment and continuative improvement of environment management system.

By the constitution of environment management system, we’ll aim for voluntary environment maintenance.
Then we’ll also promote to prevent environment pollution and continuative improvement of environment management system.
Also we’ll set environment purposes and objective, aim improvement, review regularly.

2.Abiding by regulation of laws and performance of social responsibility.

We’ll abide by regulation of laws about environmental maintenance and request items our company consent to such as agreements, make efforts to prevent from the earth environment pollution.

3.Environment derating

We’ll set our most important task,[Environment derating of semiconductor production activity]. We’ll also reduce wastes, manage chemical substance thoroughly, contribute environment derating by aiming aggressively energy saving activity.

4.Education of employees

Through education and training of employees, it’ll be known to everyone our environmental policy.
Also we’ll try to raise consciousness of environmental improvement, safety sanitation, and try activities of enlightment such as environmental derating.

5.The openness of environmental information.

We’ll open this environmental policy generally, and communicate within and cut of company.

Adopt the eco-friendly disposal of water.
We use the closed system of wafer processing disposal of waste water by a ceramic filter.

In the wafer back polishing process and dicing process. It is processed with water deionized water. During the cooling and washing phase ( removal of polished powder ) large quantities of waste water is mixed as the polished powder is discharged. We use a ceramic filter (precision filter equipment made from fine ceramic ) and filter by reusing filtered clean water, constitute the closed system of eco-friendly for the earth.
We process waste water without discharging the disposed waste water into the rivers and so on.

Strong points of the eco-friendly earth ceramic filter are:

  • Strong and long life: clogged filter can be used repeatedly over along period (more than 10 years by recycling disposal )
  • High recalled rate: 99.9% of process waste water can be recalled and reused.
  • Disposal without emitting chemicals: It doesn’t need any chemicals such as coagulant because it is filtered by a precision filter membrane made of fine ceramic controlled particle size advanced.