Aim for growth and profit through business activities.

Code of conduct

  • We will respect human rights
  • We will observe laws and regulations
  • We will maintain confidentiality
  • We will protect intellectual property
  • We will do fair trade

Efforts for new technology

  • Always try a new technology and provide the latest technology to customers.
  • We will focus on new technology and do research and development
  • We will establish own technology and provide it to our customers

Efforts to make good quality

We will eliminate causes of defective product and provide high credible products.

  • Acquire quality ISO9001 certification
  • Training from quality management to employees

 Quality Activity

Efforts to protect the environment

We will strive to protect the environment through our business and act to open a bright future by preserving the beautiful nature of Kofu Basin.

  • Acquire environment ISO14001 certification
  • Training of environment protection to employees
  • Green procurement
  • Promotion of recycling
  • Reduction of waste in factory
  • Exhaustive management for use of chemical materials
  • Water quality control and reuse of industrial wastewater

 Environmental Activities