Thinning GaAs wafer

  • Process to support 30µm thinning process
  • Thinning process of 80 µm convex bump

We meet the needs of thinning process for convex bump wafer such as solder bump products.

The GaAs wafer that thinned to
thickness 30µm

Wafer support system

  • Support system by BG tapes which cover bumpy surface.
    We provide a wafer thinning process by hard support of Quartz substrate and sapphire substrate
  • We can process metal thin film for a supporting situation and we are also able to control the wafer breaking and cracking.
    (We can make even thin a film without polluting in vacuum chamber such as sputter)

The product attached to a
hard support substrate

Back grind and removing the strained layer after back grinding

We provide the best thinning process condition for brittle material such as GaAs and InP by providing BG, lapping, polishing and etching process.

Back grinder Lapping equipment Polisher

Attaching metal thin film

Specifications of sputter

sputter BG wheel for grinding

Specifications of Au Plating