Corporate Profile

Company resume

Company Name Enzan Factory Co.,Ltd.
Establish Apr. 1984
Capital 40 million yen
Representative Director President Hiroshi Matsuzaka
Employees 40
Description of Business ・Silicon wafer grooving and dicing
・Grooving and dicing for various compounds wafer.
  (GaAs, GaP, InP, GaN, SiC)
・From wafer grinding to backside metalworking.
  (Si, GaAs and other)
・Grooving and dicing for other materials for electronic components.
  (Al2O3, AlN, Package dicing etc)
・From design to manufacture by commissioning of other processes
  related to dicing process and BG for semiconductor wafers and glass.
・Manufacture and sales of various experimental and prototyping
Site area (Head Office) 3000m2(Clean room760m2)
(MGVs Winery) 3400m2 (Clean room500m2)
Location (Head Office) 276 Shimoozo Enzan Koshu-shi Yamanashi-ken Japan
TEL:+81-553-33-3136 (Main number)
(MGVs Winery) 601-17 Todoroki Katsunuma-cho Koshu-shi Yamanashi-Ken Japan
TEL:+81-553-33-3136 (Main number)