Processing of wafer backside

  • Dicing processing of various kinds of wafers
  • Dicing processing of various kinds of election materials

The device uses high frequency. Recently higher frequency power is more in demand.
One problem is the back processing of the wafer. It is essential to process wafer more thinner. Handling such a thin wafer during the process is very difficult.
Our company solved this problem by conduction consistently from back processing to dicing.
Compound wafer (GaAs) has a problem with disposition of arsenic waste water.
Our company resolved this eco-friendly by using all the amount close disposal of waste water using a recall equipment that our company developed.

1.The way of back grinding process.

Back grinding process is mass-produced 2 ways.Thin type processing less than 100-150 μm and more than 100-150μm.

Processing A:

Thin type back processing (less than 100-150μm) processed using support substrate.

Processing B:

Back processing (more than 100-150μm) processed useing BG tape.

2.A way of Back grinding distortion removal

It is removed from distortion to combine polishing and etching.

A way of Back grinding distortion removal

3.Back metal processing

Back metal processing using sputter equipment.

Back metal processing

4.Gold plating processing *thickness a wide range in wafer surface

About Au plating. We adopt field plating taking the environment into consideration without using outside influences.

please refer to this list about a wide range of plating surfaces.