1953. Apr. Yoshida Pump Industries (current Enzan Factory Co,. Ltd) was founded by Tomonori Yoshida at 596 Shimoozo Enzan Koshu-shi Yamanashi-Ken Japan.
1959. Mar. Yoshida Pump Industries changed its name to Enzan Hitachi Shokai and started sales of home electric appliances.
1967. Nov. Started manufacturing by commission of Hitachi Kofu factory as a cooperation factory of Toyo Electronics Co., LTD. Started sorting and inspection of semiconductors (Germanium diode).
1984. Apr. Separated the semiconductor department and home electric appliances sales department. The semiconductor department was founded as Enzan Factory Co,. Ltd (capital of 10 million yen).
1987. Sep. Increased the capital to 20 million yen.
1988. Sep. Built a new factory (337㎡) as a dicing factory at the location of 276 Shimoozo Enzan Koshu-shi Yamanashi-Ken Japan (currently the head office ). Started dicing process by commission of Hitachi. Settled the dicing factory as a previous process factory and sorting and the inspection factory as a post-process factory.
1991. Apr. Extended previous process factory (300m2) and started promoting sales of dicing.
1994. Nov. Started mass production of thin wafer dicing by establishing dicing techniques that assure flexural strength of 700MPa of a thin IC chip the thickness of 60μm (It was adopted for a thin IC card).
1995. Mar. Started mass production of GaAs compound semiconductor wafer dicing by developing a plant to recover As of GaAs (Applied to MMIC etc.),
Aug. Closed the post-process factory along with withdrawing from packing and inspection process of diode and strengthen the wafer processing business as a expert and changed its business field to be a specialist of grinding and dicing thinner and smaller.
Oct. Established dicing techniques for ceramic material of Al2O3 used for electronic components and started mass production of dicing them with a dicing process of semiconductor made from other materials.
1997. Jan. Started integration of the production from dicing to back grinding. Attaching the metal and the dicing process by importing technology of back grinding compound semiconductor wafer accompanied with change of GaAs semiconductor (MMIC) to become thin (30μm).
1998. Jul. Introduced a work of Au plating for a back electrode of MMIC thin wafer and started mass production.
1999. Dec. Imported technology of etching and back side CMP polisher for a process to remove strained layer after back grind (BG).
2001. Dec. Acquired quality ISO9001:2000 certification and constructed a quality control system including process development department.
2002. Jul. Increased the capital to 40 million yen and extended the office building
2003. Oct. Built a factory in Katsunuma-cho Koshu-shi Yamanashi-Ken Japan to respond to requests of a clean environment in the future and the factory was named PDM center (P:Process, D:Development, M:Manufacturing)
2004. Apr. Started mass production of LCD driver at PDM center.
2005. Jan. Acquired ISO14001 certification.
2006. Apr. Started collaborative research as an applied research of laser dicing with Yamanashi University. Settled L laboratory in incubation room at Yamanashi University and started collaborative research with professor Harimoto’s office.
2009. Apr. Newly installed a laser dicer in PDM center and started applying mass production (commissioned mass production for SiC, GaN and sapphire).
2010. Mar. Started glass dicing process at PDM center (Started commissioned mass production from dicing to chip sorting and packaging).
Oct. Developing mass production technology of divider for laser dicing (Started commissioned mass production with focus on difficult-to-machine material such as SiC, GaN and sapphire).
2012. Apr. Started the developing process that used strengthened cover glass for touch panel.
2013. Feb. Established a subsidiary company, Enzan Business Solutions Co, Ltd for the purpose of a new business.
Jul. Concluded the contract for commissioned processing with foreign company to start committing a process to oversea. Construct a OEM production system in Vietnam.