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Challenging a new growth for strengthening the organization ability

We have been challenging to make the semiconductor wafer thinner and smaller with our own technology of dicing and grinding since our inauguration in 1953.

With recent rapidly changing technological innovation, we aim to be a leader in manufacturing and processing by quickly adopting our own technology under our slogan of “Speed & Smart” with the companies united.

We aim to be a “company that can contribute to society”. A place where employees; can work with a feeling of security so that they can satisfy the customer. We will aim to create a company with an environment that provides good products more reasonably and faster by strengthening organizational ability and focusing on management resources

We want to contribute to the coming Ubiquitous society by continually processing applications and challenging the latest processing technology to meet the needs of our customers.

Thank you very much for your continuous patronage.

Enzan Factory Co.,Ltd
President Hiroshi Matsuzaka