Dicing process

Dicing process for various types of wafer.
Dicing process for various types of electronic materials.

1. Specification of cutting

There are mainly 2 types for dicing, one is full cut and the other is half cut. We will provide the best application to suit the product and quality.

Note: A small chip like 0.25mm square is divisible by our original cracking equipment for half cut spec.

2. About the wafer size, wafer thickness and chip size that we can

We can process large diameter wafers up to 12 inches.
We mass produce by dicing very thin wafers keeping transverse intensity.
We can dice 30μ thickness GaAs wafer with backside metal film as a reinforcement.

Chip shipping products specification

We can sort into various chip trays and deliver after dicing.

The wafer size and tray size that we can support

Chip tray deliver/Wafer size/Tray size