Quality activity

Acquire quality ISO9001 certification

Certification organization Certification No. Initial registration date
DNV 00373-2001-AQ-KOB-RVA 6th Sept 2001

Initial registration date

As a pioneer in the electronics industry, we take pride and responsibility in our job. We will provide good quality products fast and reasonable, Challenge infinite possibilities, answer customer’s requests and keep improving. By doing so we’ll contribute to the progress and the prosperity of society.

Quality Objectives

1. Always try a new technology, improve operation ability and provide the latest technology to customers.
2. Stand from the customers’ point of view, act with sincerity.
3. Work under proper working conditions and operate according to the manual.
4. Provide good products more reasonably and faster.
5. Always consider work improvement, create an active and cheerful workshop.

Work environment

Item Environment ability
Temperature 19℃~28℃
Humidity 30%~60%
The degree of clean Class 5000~100
The amount of static electricity Less than 100v
Ultra pure water The number of bacteria:0~0.3/ml
Purity:0.5MΩ (after CO2 bubble)
Arsenic disposal Completed closed waste water disposal equipment developed by our own technology.