Quality Initiatives

Quality ISO 9001 Certification

Certification Body Certification Number Initial Registration Date
DNV 00373-2001-AQ-KOB-JAB September 6, 2001

Quality Policy

As a leader in the electronics industry, we take pride and responsibility in our work and contribute to the progress and prosperity of society by providing good products quickly and at a reasonable price, challenging unlimited possibilities, meeting customer demands, and making constant improvements.

Quality Objectives

1. Always try new technology, strive for work improvement, and provide customers with the latest technology.
2. Act with sincerity from the customers’ standpoint.
3. Perform work under proper working conditions and according to procedures.
4. Provide better products at a reasonable price and as quickly as possible.
5. Always think of ways to improve operations and create a vibrant and cheerful workplace.

Work Environment

Item Environment ability
Temperature 19℃~28℃
Humidity 30% to 60%
Cleanliness Class 5000 ~100
Static Charge 100V or less
Water Purity Ultrapure to low pure water
Arsenic Treatment Completely closed wastewater treatment system using in-house technology