Semiconductor Dicing Processing

Leave the dicing process for semiconductor wafers to us!

Are you experiencing yield loss due to wide dicing streets?

  • We can handle mass production with narrow scribe widths
Wafer on dicing tape Photo after dicing Street width of 35µm
(small chips)
Bottle-packed chips

Do you have trouble with reduced throughput?

  • Mass production is possible with high-speed cutting at 120mm/sec or faster. (We can handle step cut, dual cut, and single cut.)

Quality that could only be handled by step cutting is now possible with single cutting.

Are you having trouble with backside chipping?

  • We minimize the occurrence of backside chipping.

Do you have trouble cutting difficult-to-cut materials?

  • We can cut semiconductor wafers and difficult-to-cut materials by combining UV tape, pressure-sensitive tape, and various blades.

Resin Blade

Tape Fixing

Metal Blade

Wax Fixing

Electroformed Blade