Environmental Activities

Acquired environment ISO14001 certification

Certification organization Certification No. Initial registration date
DNV 01195-2005-AE-KOB-RVA 15th Jan 2005

Basic idea

Our company is located in the north east part of the Kofu basin in Yamanashi Prefecture. This area is famous for fruits like grapes and peaches. It is also rich in nature and blessed with many seasonable flowering plants. All our employees want to harmonize with nature while still developing for the future. To preserve this nature “we” Enzan Factory Co. Ltd. will strive to protect the environment.

Basic policy

  1. Establishment and continuative improvement of environment management system
    Prevent environment pollution and continuously improve environment management system.
  2. Observe laws and regulations and accomplish social responsibility
    We will observe the laws and regulations related to environmental conservation and also observe convention entered with community residents.
  3. Reduce environmental footprint
    We will make an effort to reduce waste in factory.
  4. Training of employees
    We will make an effort to reduce environmental footprint by training employees therefore raising their awareness.
  5. Publishing the environmental information
    We will publish our environmental policy and work to have a communication in and out of the company.

Environmental activities

Installed a solar power system

Manufacturing factories like us consume large amounts of power. Hitherto we are depended on electricity and now we think we should contribute to the stabilization to make more electricity.
In Yamanashi, the hours of sunlight is longest in Japan and we started generating solar powers using this equipment.

(power output)
 Module output                   165w
 Quantity of the module       288
 Electric power generation    47.52kw






「塩の山 差し出の磯にすむ千鳥
君が御世をば 八千代とぞ鳴く」






1月 2月 3月 4月 5月 6月 7月 8月 9月 10月 11月 12月
3,352 3,821 5,004 5,653 6,032 5,268 5,521 5,751 4,180 3,722 3,054 2,952
1月 2月 3月 4月 5月 6月 7月 8月 9月 10月 11月 12月
2.37 3.46 4.14 4.92 5.15 4.7 4.82 5.04 3.74 3.16 2.63 2.42

Past results and real-time electric power generation

Below is an actual electric power generation and changes from the past.

Amount of electric power generation (kw/month)
October November December January February March April May June July August September
4,833 6,025 5,958 5,276 4,108 4,328


4,497 kw






We use environment-friendly wastewater treatment system

Closed system for wafer processing wastewater by ceramic filter

Industrial waste water which contains dusts is discharged a lot because we squirt ultra pure water during grinding and dicing wafer to cool and clean (remove dusts). We built an environment-friendly closed system that does not discharge the wastewater to rivers by filtrate industrial wastewater with ceramic filter (precision filter apparatus made from fine ceramic) and reuse this clean filtrate.

Merit of environment-friendly ceramic filter

  • Durable and long life
    We can repeatedly regenerate and reuse clogged filter for over 10 years. The filter does not become waste.
  • High recovery rate
    It can recover 99.9% of the processing wastewater and reuse it.
  • Chemical-free
    It does not need chemicals such as flocculants because it filtrates with microfiltration membrane made from fine ceramics and also pore size is highly controlled.

Changed the factory indoor lights that are used continuously for 24hours to LED

Replaced fluorescent lights to LED at both the head office and the PDM Center as one of our energy-Saving activities.
We think our mission is to think about how to continue our business while being friendly to the environment and in harmony with nature for children who will lead the next generation.

Photo of installed LED lighting

型式 LED T8 TUBE 消費電力 21w
電源 別置 全光束 1850 lm
電圧 100~240V 寿命 40,000時間以上

Effects of energy saving after changed to LED

Appliance 40w type changing number 420 LED
lighting time 16 hours/day Working days in a year 255 days

(Effects of energy saving a year)

Fluorescent light LED light Reduction in a year
electricity consumption. 47w
(include stabilizer)
21w ▲26w
Total amount of electricity consumption. 80,539 kw/ year 35,985 kw/ year 44,554 kw/ year
Convert into Co2 30.12 t/ year 13.46 t/ year 16.66 t/ year

※Co2 is calculated by 0.374kg-CO2 / kwh