About semiconductor processing technology

Our mission is to elaborate the quality of small things that cannot be checked visually.

The discovery of point-contact diode in 1948 by a group led by William Bradford Shockley triggered the semiconductor industry and through its history of germanium transistors and silicon transistors. Integrated circuit is now in its heyday and has much improved function.

The technology of manufacturing semiconductors become possible by incessant processes that consisted of high manufacturing technology such as crystallization, heat treatment, precision optical photograph, chemical treatment, vacuum deposition, sputtering, plating, dicing, grinding, precision electronic measurement and water treatment.

Generally when we manufacture something, the manufacturer can see the product and adjust it through their work but manufacturing semiconductor is a process that is based on a unit such as micron (1/1,000 of 1mm) or PPM (1/1,000,000) and it is very difficult to see and to adjust it directly during manufacturing and this is the major difference between generally manufacturing something and manufacturing a semiconductor. Therefore the people who engage in manufacturing semiconductors have to manufacture it through a complicated process without seeing whether their work is proper or not.

Currently, semiconductors have been released to the world as the indispensable parts of core components for electronic products.

We the factory engage in manufacturing of the semiconductor think that our mission is to make a good quality product with well working equipment and understand the semiconductor and decide the process condition of the equipment by using necessary manufacturing technology for each products.

We are thinking to contribute to the ubiquitous age through such semiconductor products.