About Grinding, polishing technology

History of mankind began from grinding and polishing and we believe that this technology will open the future.

It seems that Africa is the land where humans appeared the first time.

It is said that oldest human beings had been born in east Africa ( around Kenya and Ethiopia now) 4~5million years ago.

Then human beings started to create stone tools there about 2.6 million years ago.

It was just a thing that broke a stone several times but it turned out to be a great step forward in determining the human civilization which led to contemporary civilization.

Then about 1.5 million years ago, a stone tool that processed both sides called a Hand Axe was created.

Human beings did “Grinding” and “polishing” for the first place to get a tool.

Then they created stone tools and learned “cutting” and that paved the way for the development of science technology today.
We believe that the pursuit of technology is “Grinding” and “polishing” which are most the basic but also the most forefront in technology which will lead us to the future technology and we want to be a company that always challenges with technological innovation.